Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Neighborhood Problems

I received some unsettling news today. The Mother of a neighbor was walking down the alley and had her purse taken from her by two young men. From the description it seems that one or both were friends of the son of another neighbor. The son is also a problem especially when he acts out his music video fantasy world calling the women in the neighborhood “bitches” and “whores" or shooting bottle rockets at cars driving down the street.

I believe one can be liberal / progressive and still intolerant of crime. Antisocial behavior has a cause and to ignore the cause is counterproductive. To ignore the antisocial behavior is also counterproductive so we need police, courts, and jails.

My question is how should one deal with the criminal teenage child of a neighbor? The parents appear to tolerate, ignore, or encourage the behavior. Perhaps in an earlier era one might express displeasure in another’s actions by threatening or visiting violence upon them. Such methods are no longer acceptable. What actions are acceptable?


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